Qureshi Media Ventures is a team of seasoned professionals who enjoy creating, analyzing, and revolutionizing today’s complicated online EV marketplace. Through discovering and solving business problems - and automating those solutions - we strive to be the best we possibly can while helping our customers do the same. Whatever the goal, whatever the expectation, Qureshi Media Ventures prides itself on exceeding it.

We work with people all over the world to provide support, resources, and ideas to help them navigate a path to a better future. And while we understand the complex technology needed in order to reach a vast, unmet audience of loyal fans and customers, we also understand the people driving it. That’s why we always put people first.


Adam Qureshi Entrepreneur with a love for solving problems, Adam has been working with clients to discover and solve business problems using software for nearly 10 years. Entrepreneurship is really just a fancy word for delegation. It’s a continuous process of removing yourself from the equation step-by-step and empowering your team to do the things that they do best.

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